RAR fan interview: Rachel

RAR logo

Rachel happy

What’s your name?

Rachel VanDusen.

Do you like it?

What’s the most common issue you run into with it?

I’m tepid about my name, it’s not terrible. But I simply don’t like the sound of my first name. It’s too harsh.
My last name sounds like a film noir detective or history professor.


Describe yourself

I’ll draw what you say, then we’ll see how close I come.
(This is a total cheat because I know you, but it will still be fun)

I’m bi…


I’m half black and half Italian.

I’m short. Soft and not athletic, have shoulder length curly hair and green eyes.
My skin is light brown. You probably remember me being more athletic than I am.

But considering that we met by both looking for a walking partner on Craigslist, then just started eating Mexican food together,


my dedication to athletics leaves something to be desired.

Talk about your pets!!!

I have 3 GORGEOUS guinea pigs. I adopted them from Craigslist
(my affinity for finding things on Craigslist is really coming out….)

They are: The Captain & Tennille named after the popular 70’s husband and wife musical duo of the same name and Scarlett Johansson named after…Scarlett Johansson.

So, obviously you’re a fan of my comics

Can you think of any specific one(s) you liked the most?

I like a lot of your darker work that’s not necessarily kid friendly, and have been reading Bridget Over Troubled Waters for years. Right now, in Violets Aren’t Blue, anything where you depict yourself as super dramatic gets a chuckle out of me.

What’s your favorite physical thing about yourself?

I like that I’m compact enough to not be a burden to anyone. Seriously! Move that seat back further in the car, man-spread on that bus bench and the looks I get when a large person gets to sit next to me on a plane are just so heart warming!

What’s your favorite personally-thing thing about yourself?

I feel like I’m really reliable. Need someone to chat with at 2am because of some emotional turmoil? I’m there. I’m always the person that gives the best secret santa gifts and never calls out unexpectedly. I’m always there for my loved ones (and complete strangers!)

Where did you last go on vacation?

Jared and I went to the grand canyon! IT WAS AMAZING. Totally worth the drive. I dangled my feet off and got vertigo it’s really really massive and pictures just don’t do it justice!

What is the dumbest thing about where you live?

Both the dumbest and smartest things about where I live are my 6 COUNT EM *6* roommates (not including the love of my life, Jared). They can be so frustrating, but we’re also the best of friends. There’s always someone to binge watch Hoarders with while eating excessive amounts of cheese.

If you were a flavor, what would you be?

Probably something salty, savory sweet? Caramel popcorn? It kinda looks like me.

Here comes another doodle game-

Reach to your right, grab the first thing you can pick up. Got it? Good. Okay, now…

What color is it?

Is it more round? Or Square?

Can you eat it?
You COULD eat it but I’m thinking only people in My Strange Addiction would.

Did you eat it?
I did not eat it.

Give me an accurate but misleading clue about it…
It’s something you see probably on a daily basis that can be customized and may or may not contain something!

I drew it!

Did I get it right?

No? Okay.

What is it?

On a more serious note

What do you think is more important for the world right not, social change like the removal of cultural stereotypes and societal barriers. Or eco-friendly technological changes like getting cars to run on sugar cane or turning urban rooftops into farms?

While I think social issues are as significant as they are important, I also believe that people were not meant to get along in a kumbaya-crystal gripping-hugs and love- get together now way.

If that were the case, our best shot would be now and look where we are. Though you don’t have to prioritize social vs environmental need for change, because environmental change is more feasible, I’d be more behind that.

Let’s talk about…

Her comics deal with many emotional and mental health related issues. Is there an issue you think she ought to address?

I think seasonal affected disorder is totally a THING and should be addressed as many people suffer from it yearly. The time of year with the most amount of suicides? Winter. The time of year more people struggle with anxiety and depression? Winter.
Brace yourselves, winter is coming and it’s going to make you cry for no reason!

Do you know any other “eese” ending names I can use?

I had a friend in high school named LaTrice….

I happen to know you like tequila.

In fact, it’s part of your November reward, (which I’m working on I promise!) But did you know it’s actually supposed to be the healthiest alcohol there is?

I started drinking tequila because it has the least amount of calories per serving. Now it’s just because I like the taste SOMETIMES I honestly think I don’t get as sick as often as many other people because of tequila! Cheers!

In fact…

If you ate nothing but tequila, jalapeños, kimchi and raw milk yogurt you would probably be super healthy.
Or would you be sick on the pavement?

*hits pavement*

Do your looks make people assume things about?

I don’t think so. I mean, I am not fat, not thin, not white, not black, not tall and not super short. I blend in a lot and many people can relate to me physically. I think that makes me like a blank canvas.

What’s your favorite fruit?

The most controversial fruit: PINEAPPLES. I honestly can’t stand them warm. Ham, pizza, upside down cake, no thanks, but cold they’re sooo great.

What is a food you want to kill with a flame-thrower?

Pineapples on warm foods. SO GROSS. They make the food slimy and sweet and disgusting. It’s just unnecessary!!

Okay, take the first and last initials…

…of your name and your significant other’s name and make a sentence.
For example: Violet Charles and DH gives me VCDH…
Venomous chinchillas driving Hondas

Rescue Velociraptors Jettisoned Here.

What’s something  you wish more people understood about you?

That I really really don’t like driving! I’m not good at it. If I didn’t absolutely have to, I wouldn’t, so please don’t think I’m just being difficult! I’m scared of my own driving, I’d rather pay to uber you to me than drive myself to you!

Were you one of those people

who said, “2017 is going to be my year” and if so, has it been?

No. I was really stressed, 2016 was messed up on so many different levels, but I’m happy to say that all of that is behind me! I’m doing really well (for the time being). Decent job, great man, stable living environment and no car problems. What more is there to ask for?!


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