RAR-Fan interview Amber


I think Amber is a great name. What is the best/worst thing about it?

Amber: Thanks! The best thing is that I never have to spell it for anybody. The worst is there a lot of awful nicknames: “Ambo” which turned into “Rambo”,  “Amby”, and “Amberger” which my best friend came up with when we were 15. A boy I didn’t like was always trying to get my attention. She would say, “He’s thinking mmmmhhhh, Amberger.”


What is the best/worst thing about where you live?

Amber: The best part is that I’m five minutes away from any store or restaurant I might want to go to. I’m also only a few hours away from the ocean, mountains, and desert so I have the best of all worlds.

The worst part is the summer heat and the fact that we don’t get Fall weather really. It just stays hot, and then one day in November it’s cooler. Our winter is way too short.

How, just HOW!!! Do you keep your hair so shiny?

Amber: Iol I was just born with it.

I wash it every other day, mostly just air dry it, and Idon’t use any hair products at all, it’s completely wasted on me, because I have no skills at doing my hair. I can’t even master a simple braid.

Our cupboards went a little bare this month…

…and I ended up eating a lot of Trader Joe’s rice mac and cheese. What about you? What have you eaten most this past month?

Amber: We haven’t felt much like cooking lately, so we have been doing a lot of Costco rotisserie chicken with homemade Caesar salad.

My friend’s parents used to run a restaurant and they taught me how to make their Caesar and now we can’t stop making it. I never thought I could live on salad, but apparently I can.

I am so ready for summer to be over. What is your favorite season? Why?

Amber: I hate summer so much. Winter is my favorite season hands down. I run super hot, I actually went skiing in a tank top once, because I get too hot with layers. I wear tank tops and sandals no matter the weather.JacketWhen I was kid, my Dad always made me wear jackets in the winter. I would get so hot but he wouldn’t let me wear what I wanted.

DH and I play this game where we guess the year a song came out just by listening to it.

I got a song to the year, month, and day totally guessing.
(It was, “5 Minutes Alone” by Pantera, released March 22nd 1994)

I am magnif

And I mentioned that, because I want to brag, but also because…what was the most unbelievable thing that happened to you recently?

Amber:  I managed to bruise myself badly twice in the last couple weeks in incredibly stupid ways. The first, I was following a kid through the front door, and somehow stepped on the backpack.

Tripping over Backpack

I fell sideways really hard into the doorframe. The bruise was about ten inches long and four inches wide. Then, last week when I got off an exercise bike, I swung my leg  down on the metal pole that came out from behind the seat. People really laugh when you tell them you hurt yourself getting off of an exercise bike.

What do you like to do when you’re bored?

Amber: I go bug my husband. He just started working from home in June, and I have found it to be very convenient. I go tell him I’m bored, and then I ask what he is doing, and tell him I’m still bored and I bug him until he either stops working and spends time with me, or finds something fun for me to do. It’s a great system.

Bother Husband.png

Which is your favorite Violet Charles comic? Why?

Amber:  Violets Aren’t Blue is definitely my favorite comic. It mimics my life so much. I love that I can read them and say, “That’s me!!!” I’m not alone!

↓ I seem to remember her commenting on this one. ↓Buying Meat

How did you discover my comics?

I love to read and have all of your sister’s books. So when she posted Bridget over troubled Waters, which I loved, I started following your page.

Do you start your mornings with coffee or tea? Or something different?

Amber: I am not a coffee person at all! I love tea, but only hot, so I only drink it in the winter. Mostly I start my mornings with water and working out. It’s not fun, but it seems to make the rest of the day better.

I think Utah is pretty,  what is your favorite state visually?

Amber: Utah totally is amazing! I went there to do a half marathon a few years ago and it was beautiful.

I found Virginia to be quite beautiful, along with Washington state and Oregon. I love forests and mountains.

I want to go to rural Scotland or Wales

Somewhere you can imagine what it looked like 600 years ago.
What about you? Where have you never been but would like to? And why?

Amber: Actually, those are the two places I really want to go someday! I want to go to Wales to see the mountain from the movie, The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain. I have wanted to go to Scotland since I was little. I am fascinated by their history and accents. My aunt is from Scotland, and she told such great stories.

I hate Winnemucca, NV

It is the most desolate, pathetic and depressing place I have ever been.
Where is somewhere you’ve been that you would NEVER want to go again? 

Amber: Hemet, CA was the dreariest place I have ever been. All the hotels in Banning were booked, so we had to stay in Hemet, and that will never happen again. Really, the Banning area is pretty dreary too. My Grammy tells me before the freeway was built, the road to Hollywood was through Banning, and she saw all the big stars driving through town when she was a little girl.

Old Hollywood

The thing that ruins movies/tv shows for me s when they hurt the dog.

What is your on screen peeve that you think should be outlawed?

Amber: Oh that is easy! I cannot stand it when they make service dogs do things that they would never do! People with service animals have to deal with a lot to take their animals in public, and they certainly aren’t bringing ill-behaved dogs out.

↓ Except Squid…sometimes. ↓

I’ve played In This Moment’s cover of  “In the Air Tonight” a lot recently

(Or at least, I had when I wrote these questions)
What song have you listened too the most in the past week/month?

Amber: I have been listening to the Pentatonix cover of Dancing On My Own a lot.

Favorite song of all time?

Amber: Probably the Pentatonix cover of Cheerleader. It always cheers me up when I hear it.


So, what is the most interesting thing about you?

Amber: Probably the fact that I own over 4,000 books. I learned to read when I was five. Every birthday and Christmas, people would ask me what I wanted. I would say “just books”. Nobody believed me, so I had a ridiculous amount of barbies that I never played with.

4000 booksWhen I was nine, my Grammy came for Christmas. She lugged in this  garbage bag that had a red bow on it and my name. When I opened it, there was over 100 books in it. I noticed that the books weren’t brand new, and when I asked where they came from, she said the used book store. I had no idea they existed! Next time I visited her, she took me and I was in heaven. It became tradition whenever I visited. I’ve been going there for 26 years now. The owner always remembers me. I read crazy fast, so I reread a lot of books. My husband has built me floor to ceiling bookshelves in a couple rooms and in our hallway.

Squid wants to know:

“Do you have a pet? Is it a dog? Tell me about it. Dogs are best”

Squid poem

Amber: Squid is adorable! I do have pets. We have a big black lab named Cliff (we didn’t name him. He was a Guide Dog puppy that we raised, but he didn’t make it due to a soft trachea, so we kept him) and though he is seven, he is still full of lots of energy.

Note: Amber and her Husband also have two cats,
but Squid decided only the dog should be mentioned.

What is your funniest nickname someone calls you?

Amber: My husband comes up with nicknames, he thinks he is hilarious. He was calling me bestie, and then one day when I was wearing a lower cut top he had the bright idea to turn it into “breastie”. I was not amused, but he was and so it stuck. Generally he only calls me that when nobody is around. Occasionally he forgets though and says it around people. Sigh.

What do you do?

Amber: I am a nanny. Not because I couldn’t get a better job, but simply because I like kids and my husband makes enough that I don’t have to get a job that contributes much. I just needed something that would get me out of the house. I tried the whole housewife thing, and it turns out, if you don’t have kids, there isn’t much to do. You can only vacuum and dust so much. I am defensive about my job, because people hear “nanny” and they say “oh how fun!” as if it isn’t really work.

I know. I was Nanny in 3 different countries for 7 years.
It is a lot of work.

Amber: I could tell you some crazy stories of families I have worked for. I’m 34, and people look down on you if you are still a nanny at my age. So annoying. I feel like I need to carry my college diploma around with me and say, “see, I am smart!”

When I work I have documentaries…

… or cartoons, playing in the background. What about you?

Amber: I’m usually talking to kids or helping with homework. I do love to write, and when I do, I love quiet. I get distracted so easily and so a quiet room is heaven to me. My husband loves music on though, and it drives me crazy if we are working on something together. He works from home now, and even with his door closed, I can hear the music and feel the bass in throughout the house. It is ridiculous. I love to cook, so I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. For that, I love to have old movies playing in the background.

I like to burn candles while I work.

Is there a smell you smell most while you work?

Amber: I have a room in our house that is just mine. It has the floor to ceiling bookshelves I have a desk in there for my writing and a cozy chair to read in.


The room smells like the wood from my bookshelves and my books. It is the best smell in the world. I walk in, and I just feel peace.

Are you married or in a serious relationship?

If so, tell me the best things about your honey.

Amber: I have been married for 15.5 years. There are so many awesome things about him.
•He does all the grocery shopping and dishes because I hate doing both those things.
•He always helps me cook and clean.
•He makes the corniest jokes that most other people think are stupid or don’t get, but they always make me laugh.
•He is always thinking ahead on how to make my days better and tries to anticipate thing I will need.
My Grammy, who I love more than anything in the world, hasn’t been doing well lately. The other day my hubby asked me what I would need when she was gone. He asked, “Should I buy a ton of chocolate, buy you movies, take you away somewhere? What should I do for you?” I love that he is already trying to figure out how to be there for me on what he knows will be the worst day of my life.
•He is super smart and very handy around the house.
•I come up with things I want made all the time, and he figures out how to do it.
•He works out with me so I don’t have to do it alone.
•He drove 13 hours in the middle of the night to get me to my best friend in time for the birth of her first baby. He is the awesomest person I know.

Also, without showing me a picture,
describe him so I can draw him next to you here,
(and your pet if you like)
and we’ll see how good a job I do.

amber hubs and dog

Oh and sorry for the whole “I left out part of your husband’s facial hair” thing.

Mustaches are hard


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