RAR Fan Interview: Bridget S.

Asset 42

Bridget is one of the most inspiring teens I have ever encountered. Her mother first discovered my work because of my Bridget over troubled Waters comic. She said there were a lot of similarities between her Bridget and mine. But my Bridget is fictional, and the Bridget you’re about to meet is 100% real.

If I had been even half as self-confident, strong, and dedicated as she is when I was her age…well, I would have been pretty impressive too.

A lot of girls think being strong means being hard, and masculine, Bridget is not though. She is everything a strong young woman should be. Entirely ladylike, but unyielding in her convictions and morals, and disinterested in grimier side of high school life.

And so, I asked her…

 What’s the best thing about your name?

That it isn’t Britney. For some reason, all my teachers call my Britney. Otherwise, I really like that there aren’t very many of me, it isn’t very common.

What are the best and worst things about being your age?

I’m 15. There is not a great selection of good things about being 15… but  best maybe that I get to learn how to drive pretty soon.The worst: people underestimate you or what you can do.

What is your favorite thing about where you live?

There are a lot of trees and mountains – lots of places to ride (horses) and it isn’t all city. In fact, the cities are not great at all – but the surrounding countryside is fantastic. Plus we have a cool volcano or 5.

A “cool” volcano. Is that like a REALLY intense air conditioner?

Favorite food this week/month? (or what you’ve eaten most)

Stir Fry. I learned how to make my own stir fry with my favorite things. So I’ve been making that a lot.

Favorite new song? (released in the last year)

Anything from the new Imagine Dragons album “Evolve.”

Favorite old song? (released more than a decade ago)

Hotel California. I just really like that one. (Of my dad’s songs…)

Hotel California sure, but what about a Hotel California Sushi Roll?

Favorite Violet Charles comic ever?

Well, the one you drew for me, obviously… but any comic you do with your dog. I love the dog!

What do you do for fun? Should more people do it? Or do you think enough people enjoy your hobby already?

Ride my horse. Well, not more, but the right people should do it. Too many people own/ride horses who just shouldn’t.

What do you encounter in daily life that annoys you the absolute most?

“Oh, there are so many.”

(Mom: Said like the best 15 year old….)

When I put something somewhere for a specific reason and someone moves it.

What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve experienced that you’re willing to talk about?

I don’t get embarrassed that easily. But probably my dad when he gets all weird. That’s pretty embarrassing.

Do you prefer dogs or cats?

Oh, that easy. Dogs. I hate cats. We have two of them and they are awful. (But they love my mom.) We also have a doberman, and she’s very cool!

What is the most boring topic you can think of?

Ugh. History. I am so done with that.

Give me a vegetable, a mode of transportation and a time period in history?

Fennel, Rickshaw, Dark Ages.

If lots of people are going to read this, what do you want to say to them?

Please, raise your sons right. Maybe spend less time teaching them about sports and more time teaching them about respecting girls.

What is your go-to outfit?

Ariat Jeans, V-neck t-shirt (royal blue, if it’s clean) and cowboy boots.

If you could have one really unusual (not being invisible or flying or breathing underwater. Something totally weird) superpower what would it be?

I want to read people’s minds.

What makes you excellent? Trust me there’s something.

My confidence to do what I know I want to do with my life and not what other expect me to do. I don’t listen to the haters.

What one change do you think would make the world a nicer place?

If boys were born more mature. That’s a pipe dream, so I’ll say it would be great if people stopped hurting each other.

If you were a food, what food do you think you would be?

Hm. I would be something fiery or spicy – but sweet, too. Like ginger. I’d be ginger.



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